Barton BMC028 Live Rhythm Quantizer (MOTM)


Barton BMC028 Live Rhythm Quantizer (MOTM)



The purpose of the Barton BMC028 Live Rhythm Quantizer (or “LRQ”) is to help a rhythmic performance stay in time with an inputted clock. It can also be used to process clock signals as a way to create interesting rhythmic sequences. The LRQ is designed to work with trigger signals, if using a gate, it will treat it as a trigger. The way the LRQ works is by dividing the time between clock ticks (AKA “the beat”) into three separate windows of time. There are two knobs which are used to adjust the size of these windows, the EARLY KNOB which adjusts how much time before the beat is considered the “Early Window” and a LATE KNOB which does the same for the “Late Window.” Everything outside of the early and late windows are the “Out Of Window.” Each of these windows has a three way toggle switch associated with it which tells the module how inputs in this window should be processed. If the toggle is pushed up it's in the ON position, any inputs during this window of time will be sent to the output. If the toggle is pushed down it is in the DELAY position, an input during this time window will result in a delayed output when the next clock input is received, this lets an early hit sound like it was on time. In the center, the toggle is in it's OFF position, inputs during this window of time will be ignored. 

MOTM format module uses a 2-pot bracket to mount the PCB to the panel




Module Parameters

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