Barton BMC016 Dual Nice Quantizer (MOTM)

Barton Dual Nice Quantizer (MOTM)


Barton BMC016 Dual Nice Quantizer (MOTM)


motm panel design inspired by dave brown of

This is a two channel quantizer module. Each channel can independently be set to 1 of 16 different musical modes. It has built in track-and-hold functionality, and quantizing can be turned on or off using gate signals. It has a voltage range of 10V and can process either positive unipolar signals or bipolar signals.

The MOTM version is offered with rotary switches to select the mode, using modifications described by Dave Brown here: dave brown dnq notes

The full kit includes everything you need to build the module- panel, pcb/PIC, mounting bracket, wire, pcb and panel parts etc
Kit Parameters
Build DifficultyModerate
Parts Count102
SMT parts0
Module Parameters
Panel Size1U

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