MOTM Format Modules

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Barton BMC031 Quad Trap LFO (MOTM)

 Barton BMC031 Quad Trap LFO (MOTM) MOTM format panel, black powdercoat with w..

Priced from
$39.00 to $139.00


 MFOS VCO (MOTM)Ray Wilson’s classic VCO for the MOTM format. The synthC..

Priced from
$20.00 to $199.00

MOTM-101 Noise Generator / Sample & Hold

Synthesis Technology MOTM-101 Noise Generator/Sample&HoldThe MOTM-101 is an essential part..

Priced from
$40.00 to $355.00

MOTM-120 Sub-Octave Multiplexer

 Synthesis Technology MOTM-120 Sub-Octave MultiplexerThe MOTM-120 contains two 4-stage ..

Priced from
$40.00 to $295.00

MOTM-190 Dual VCA + Ring Modulator

 Synthesis Technology MOTM-190 Dual VCA + Ring ModulatorThe MOTM-190 is a dual VCA..

Priced from
$30.00 to $310.00

MOTM-300 Ultra VCO

 Synthesis Technology MOTM-300 Ultra VCOFull kit includes everything you need-- ra..

Priced from
$35.00 to $499.00

MOTM-480 CS-80 VCF

 Synthesis Technology MOTM-480 CS-80 VCF Courtesy of Paul Schreiber, here..

Priced from
$39.00 to $389.00


 Synthesis Technology MOTM-485 GX-1 VCF Courtesy of Paul Schreiber, here is th..

Priced from
$30.00 to $325.00


 Synthesis Technology MOTM-490 uVCFThe classic tone of the 1970s, the lowpass la..

Priced from
$30.00 to $285.00

MOTM-490 uVCF (MU Panel)

 Synthesis Technology MOTM-490 uVCF (MU Panel) MOTM-490 uVCF, panel, dotc..

Price : $30.00

MOTM-510 Wavewarper

 Synthesis Technology MOTM-510 WavewarperThe MOTM-510 is a new kind of analog si..

Priced from
$45.00 to $425.00

MOTM-700 Dual 2:1 Voltage Controlled Router

 Synthesis Technology MOTM-700 Dual 2:1 Voltage Controlled RouterThe MOTM-700 is anot..

Priced from
$40.00 to $325.00

MOTM-800 Envelope Generator ADSR

 Synthesis Technology MOTM-800 Envelope Generator ADSR The MOTM-800 provi..

Priced from
$30.00 to $239.00

MOTM-820 VC Lag Processor

 Synthesis Technology MOTM-820 VC Lag ProcessorThe MOTM-820 is used to add slew ..

Priced from
$39.00 to $245.00

MOTM-830 Dual Mode Mixer

 Synthesis Technology MOTM-830 Dual Mode MixerThe MOTM-830 is a dual mode (audio a..

Priced from
$40.00 to $345.00